Sensit Gold Exco+1200

Sensit Gold Exco+1200


SENSIT® GOLD EXCO + 1200 is a portable gas detector that meets the BPI 1200 standard for residential energy audits and inspection of combustion appliances and fuel distribution systems. See our brochure for details

Displays 3 Gases

  • Combustibles LEL
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Air Free CO Readings (CF)

Meets BPI 1200 Requirements

  • Digital Display for LEL
  • Audible Tick Rate
  • Preset Alarms
  • 0 to 2000 ppm CO Readings
  • Calculates and Displays CO Air Free

Easy to Maintain

  • Automatic Zeroing
  • Field Calibration
  • Low-Cost, Long-Life Sensors

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